Why a Cold Press Juicer is Worth it

In case your cold press juicer has been sitting idle on the kitchen shelf for a while now or you just do not feel like making an effort to get a glass of juice, I am here to remind you why your cold press juicer is worth the money you paid for and you should use it frequently.

Let us first talk about why a glass of juice of necessary for you. Juices typically come from fruits and vegetables and we have been hearing since our childhood how necessary they are for a healthy growth for our bodies. Not that this health tip is not a fact, a lot of people tend to neglect the importance of a healthy drink and keep drinking carbonated and energy drinks. Often times drinking them instead of water, let alone a juice. This lack of concern is bound to catch up sooner or later when you go past your thirties where not everything is as easy as it was once before.

Now that we have re-established in our mind that juices are healthy and necessary, let us talk about how a cold juice presser works. Unlike your typical blender or normal juicer, cold press juicers use a hydraulic press to crush the substances. This method of juice extraction is much more efficient than a typical blender because it produces very little heat as compared to a blender. This means that the veggies and fruits you just crushed have more nutritional value as less heat was used and therefore lesser breakdown of nutrients occurred. A cold press juicer also has the ability to extract much more produce from leafy greens where a normal juicer or blender would struggle to extract even half that amount.

Nuts and dry fruits are a very healthy food group and they are often used along with juices to get the most out of your snacks. Blenders and normal juicers lack the ability to process these nuts while a cold press juicer has got you covered here as well. A glass of juice with elements of nuts is an excellent way to start your day as it is filled with nutrition and many different vitamins and necessary nutrition.

A cold press juicer also produces minimal noise. If you are like me and despise loud unnecessary sounds, you will the relaxation that comes from using a cold press juicer knowing no extra noise will come from it. It is also great at extracting most of the pulp from fruits which again is a department where other equipment fails.

A cold press juicer undoubtedly costs more than a typical blender or juicer but as we have seem above the extra price paid is completely worth it since we are getting so much out of it in the long run. If we were to get a good and healthy glass of juice daily from a shop, we would end up spending more in less than two months. By that estimate we also only get a single glass of juice daily. While on the other hand if we have our own cold press juicer we can drink as much as we want.

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