Why a Cold Press Juicer is Worth it

In case your cold press juicer has been sitting idle on the kitchen shelf for a while now or you just do not feel like making an effort to get a glass of juice, I am here to remind you why your cold press juicer is worth the money you paid for and you should use it frequently.

Let us first talk about why a glass of juice of necessary for you. Juices typically come from fruits and vegetables and we have been hearing since our childhood how necessary they are for a healthy growth for our bodies. Not that this health tip is not a fact, a lot of people tend to neglect the importance of a healthy drink and keep drinking carbonated and energy drinks. Often times drinking them instead of water, let alone a juice. This lack of concern is bound to catch up sooner or later when you go past your thirties where not everything is as easy as it was once before.

Now that we have re-established in our mind that juices are healthy and necessary, let us talk about how a cold juice presser works. Unlike your typical blender or normal juicer, cold press juicers use a hydraulic press to crush the substances. This method of juice extraction is much more efficient than a typical blender because it produces very little heat as compared to a blender. This means that the veggies and fruits you just crushed have more nutritional value as less heat was used and therefore lesser breakdown of nutrients occurred. A cold press juicer also has the ability to extract much more produce from leafy greens where a normal juicer or blender would struggle to extract even half that amount.

Nuts and dry fruits are a very healthy food group and they are often used along with juices to get the most out of your snacks. Blenders and normal juicers lack the ability to process these nuts while a cold press juicer has got you covered here as well. A glass of juice with elements of nuts is an excellent way to start your day as it is filled with nutrition and many different vitamins and necessary nutrition.

A cold press juicer also produces minimal noise. If you are like me and despise loud unnecessary sounds, you will the relaxation that comes from using a cold press juicer knowing no extra noise will come from it. It is also great at extracting most of the pulp from fruits which again is a department where other equipment fails.

A cold press juicer undoubtedly costs more than a typical blender or juicer but as we have seem above the extra price paid is completely worth it since we are getting so much out of it in the long run. If we were to get a good and healthy glass of juice daily from a shop, we would end up spending more in less than two months. By that estimate we also only get a single glass of juice daily. While on the other hand if we have our own cold press juicer we can drink as much as we want.

4 Top Kitchenaid Food Processor to Buy

Food processors are often called the workhorse of a kitchen and rightfully so as they make your work so much easier by completing much o the food processing tasks for you. Slicing vegetables, grinding meat, shredding a block of cheese or kneading dough are all so easy with a food processor. A wide variety of food processors available out there as many companies have started manufacturing it. Kitchenaid food processors are among one of the popular food processor manufacturing companies. Here is a list of top 4 Kitchenaid food processors to buy:

KitchenAid KFP0711CU Contour Silver

  1.      2 speed settings along with a pulse option are available.
  2.      2 in 1 Feed Tube to allow the addition of different sizes of ingredients while the processor is running.
  3.      It features a 7 cup work bowl made from BPA-free plastic.
  4.      Adjustable slicing disk, reversible shredding blade and a multi-purpose blade is included.
  5.      1 year warranty is available.

KitchenAid KFP0722CU 7-Cup Food Processor

  1.      ExactSlice system features an external lever to adjust the thickness of the slicing disk.
  2.      2 in 1 Feed Tube allows you to add different sizes of ingredients, even larger ones, while the appliance is running.
  3.      2 speed settings with a pulse option is available.
  4.      It features a 7 cup work bowl.
  5.      A reversible shredding disk and a multi-purpose blade are available.
  6.      1 year warranty is available.

KitchenAid KFP1133CU Food Processor with ExactSlice System

  1.      ExactSlice system features an external lever to adjust the thickness of the slicing disk.
  2.      3 in 1 Feed Tube allows you to add different sizes of ingredients, even larger ones, while the appliance is running.
  3.      2 speed settings with a pulse option is available.
  4.      It features an 11 cup work bowl along with a smaller 3 cup work bowl as mini processor to choose from depending on your requirements.
  5.      A reversible shredding disk, a multi-purpose blade and a dough blade is available.
  6.      1 year warranty is available.


How to Use a Pressure Cooker

Pressure cooker is an important tool of the kitchen to make amazing meals for the family and no doubt it saves time and energy. New users usually get two points in their minds when we talk about pressure cooker: speed and safety. In the past when pressure cookers were invented and people started using it, it was considered to be unsafe equipment which could explode in the kitchen and cause serious injuries and destroy the ceiling paint and plaster of the kitchen.  Before buying a pressure cooker, you must know that how a pressure cooker works and what is your use. Later on you would be in a better position to know what type of product you need.

Pressure cooker is simple to use; if you are going to use then all you need to do is put the food in the pot along with some cooking liquid and close the lid. The lid has a gasket that creates the airtight seal. You will need to make sure that the lid is locked into place before beginning the cooking process and then let the liquid do all of the work. If seal is placed properly then it is unlikely that the steam would come out from the cooker and instead would develop pressure inside the cooker. This develops a very high temperature of nearly 250 degrees for the foods to process and will thereby cook food items successfully and quickly. This works at times three folds faster than the normal way of cooking.

Your usage would indicate what type of pressure cooker you would need in your kitchen. There are two main cookers: stainless steel cookers and aluminum cookers. Stainless steel cooker would be a good one but you must ensure that the bottom must be of copper or aluminum so that the temperature remains even while cooking. While choosing aluminum cooker ensure that it is made up of heavy cast of aluminum. These two cookers generally have a long life and cook food items evenly if made properly. For reading the buying guide of best pressure cooker & top selection you can read pressure cooker reviews online.

You do not need to cook your food into the cooker for too long; all of the moisture will be drained out of it and will cause your meal to burn. This is obvious as after a few times you will use the pressure cooker and know about its use and taking care of it in the kitchen.

What Makes The Best Immersion Blender immersion

Hand blenders or immersion blenders are hand-held blending tools as the name implies. They have long shafts with blades at the end to be immersed in any pot or container in order to pulverize the ingredients. They provide their utility in a number of different tasks like making soups, sauces, pureeing baby food, making smoothies and milkshakes, removing lumps from gravy and much more.

Before going to buy a immersion blender, you need to do a little research to learn what features you need to look for in a immersion blender. This will help you make an informed decision and bring home only the best product. Here are some features you need to consider when buying a immersion blender:


A immersion blender should have a comfortable weight that will not tire your hands while you are holding it to blend the ingredients. A weight of 3 pounds or less should work fine, anything heavier than that would not be comfortable to use.


One of the most important things you need to consider is the speed controls. Immersion blenders should offer easy-to-press speed controls and an easy grip. Ergonomic handles offer an easier grip and does not tire your hands while you are blending the ingredients.

Blending container:

A useful attachment that most good immersion blenders offer is a beaker with a gap in its lid to allow the shaft of the beaker to fit through. Blending in this beaker will prevent food from splattering into the surroundings.


Different immersion blenders come with different attachments. You need to consider whether you actually need these extra attachments with your blender or not. It is not wise to pay extra for the attachments that you will seldom use. There may be attachments for whisking, whipping, chopping etc. You need to decide which ones you need.


The immersion blender should offer a good warranty so that you don’t have to worry about damaging it every time you want to use it. 1 year warranty is a minimum. Don’t buy immersion blender that offer a warranty less than that. To purchase a long warranty immersion blender , you can find reviews on this page.

Storage container:

A immersion blender without any attachments or only a beaker as its attachments does not need any special storage space. However, if you are buying one with a lot of different attachments, it will be good if it offers a storage container as well to keep all the attachments safe and compact.


The more the power of the motor, the better it will perform. A higher wattage will pulverize the ingredients faster and with more ease. In addition, you will not have to pre-cut most of the ingredients as a stronger motor can handle larger pieces of ingredients. A stronger motor will also allow you to process tough ingredients.



The shaft should ideally be made of metal rather than plastic as metal shafts are more durable and easier to clean as compared to plastic ones.

Waist Training Cincher vs Waist Training Corset

Waist Training Cincher vs Waist Training CorsetWaist trainers are garments worn tightly around the waist to make the waist appear slimmer. They’re effectiveness is claimed by many ladies including some well known celebrities like Kim Kardashian and Jessica Alba. Waist trainers come in two basic types namely corsets and cinchers. They differ in their purpose, shape, style, material and more. What you would select depends on your personal preferences, body type and budget. If you are not tight on your budget, it wouldn’t hurt to add both the types to your closet!


Corsets are made of cotton, satin or polyester typically reinforced with 25 columns of steel boning with tightening laces at the back. You can pull the laces to achieve any desired tightness. Cinchers, in contrast, are constructed with Latex with fewer pieces of steel boning. Unlike for corsets which use steel boning to provide firm shaping, cinchers uses its material, Latex, to provide compression and shaping. Instead of lacing, cinchers use hook-and-eye closure with typically three different tightness levels.


There are two types of results when it comes to waist training: Instantaneous slimming effect on the waist and long-term weight loss. Corsets and cinchers differ slightly in the effects the produce. Corsets produce better instantaneous results, taking 4 to 6 inches off your waist as soon as you put it on in comparison to only about 2 inches off your waist while wearing a cincher. Cinchers however can be worn during workout and for greater hours a day because of their comfortable and flexible nature and thus produce better long term results. They are constructed with Latex that has compression capabilities and also stimulates sweat to make weight loss process faster.

Invisibility under clothing:

They can both be worn as undergarments, however, corsets are slightly harder to conceal because of their steel boning and laces at the back. Cinchers, hence, are more suitable for everyday use if you are wearing it under your clothes for long hours. Corsets are usually worn on special occasions over the dress to give it a stylish look.


Corsets are made of materials that are more breathable like cotton and satin as compared to stronger, less breathable Latex that is used for cinchers. The steel boning in corsets, however, can be more uncomfortable making it less suitable for being used during workout and if you are planning to sleep in it. Cinchers are more comfortable for being used during extended hours including workout and sleep.


Many people prefer cinchers over corsets because they are cheaper. Good quality corsets that will not break for at least a couple of months of excessive use generally cost you around $70 to $100 as compared to latex cinchers which cost only around $40.

These were some of the basic differences between waist trainer corset and cincher that can be read on http://waisttrainerdepot.com/. It you are still confused as to which one to buy, I would repeat, you should consider buying both! Cinchers for normal everyday wear and corsets for special occasions.